Why YOU Should Listen to The Mighty Folk Hogan | FOLK HOGAN

Who are the Folk Hogan? Who are The Mighty Souls? These are the questions we get asked all the time. We wanted to address this here. More importantly, you should listen to us!  There is not really an intuitive way to describe us and what we stand for. However, we call ours “A Band of Mighty Souls.” We are a folk music band out of Salt Lake City with a mix of punk.  This means we have folk music undertones as well as punk music undertones. Our band includes six instruments, therefore six musicians. The six instruments include an accordion, mandolin, bass, banjo, guitar, and drums. Moses Mckinley plays the mandolin, Canyon Jack Eliiott plays the accordion, Nick Passey plays the guitar, Curtis Stahl plays the drum, Jared Hayes plays the bass, and Kameron Anton plays the banjo.  We each have our own style and flair. Most of all, we are a group of entertainers who like to play and enjoy music over whiskey. We love playing lively stage shows locally. Don’t believe us, fine. Find out for yourself!

Join us for Live Music

For those who don’t know who are, we encourage you to first check out our recorded folk live music and music videos on our Youtube Channel. We also have our music on internet radio, Spotify. Our online radio collection have all of albums over the course of the years. This makes streaming music super convenient! We also have performed over hundreds of shows and we love the chance to meet you! Now you have seen some of what we do. Do you want more? You can have more.

Check out our Upcoming Shows!

You can check out our local shows in different venues in Salt Lake City. We play in the Urban Lounge, Green Pig Pub, SnowBasin Ski Resort, Funk ‘N Dive Bar, and more. We even play in venues outside of Utah such as Idaho and Las Vegas. For those of you who are not familiar with who we are, at least give us a chance and come chill out on a Friday night and enjoy some great music! We even do band dance sometimes.

Beside the shows, we also got SWAG!

We mean the kind of swag you can find at our apparel store. We have things from baseball tees, shirts, hoodies, racerback tanks, jersey tanks, crop tops, even a dog tee! You can folk it out in your folk clothing. If you don’t wear it during our shows at the venue, wear it where everywhere you want. Wear it especially when you are jamming out to our music in your own bedroom!

Still not convinced with how COOL we are? We were listed on Best of Utah 2016 by the City Weekly. If that’s not even enough to convince you, we even played at a Salt Lake sandwich shop to support homelessness!

We really hope you can join us at our upcoming show on February 10 @ 8:00 pm – 11:30 pm, Steve’n’Seagulls – Urban Lounge! It will be a blast.

-Stephanie Yu