Good Times in the Studio! | FOLK HOGAN

As you probably already know… Folk Hogan is well on our way to having a full-length album ready for your enjoyment. So, while you are waiting with cheap jordans shoes, here are some pictures of us in the recording studio. Photos of the good times, the drunk times, and the few instances of us actually making music in-between… (still drunk of course). Nothing quite like taking your first shot of whiskey at 11:00 in the morning to bring forth the invigorating spirit of Folk Hogan… All in the name of making a truly entertaining album for our fans and the entire Folk Hogan Family.  Thanks to Brad at Salt Lake Recording Services for the efforts you have contributed and having the patience to host such an abnormal group of alcoholics for a week. I know this thing is going to come out sounding amazing, and we all had a great time working with you.

We just want to take a moment and thank all you Folkers for making this album a possibility. Without the support of our fans, friends, and family, we would not be here doing what we love Cheapest Jordans. (Drinking whiskey and making music). Thank you all for coming to our shows, singing along with our songs, and of course, all of those shots of whiskey.

From the bottom of our hearts, we love you all and hope to see you at ABG’s March 9th(this Friday) down in Provo! Should be a blast and always worth the drive!