The band plays with an intensity that is almost exhausting to watch.

Kelly Cannon - City Weekly

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How to redeem your digital download

Does your fancy new MacBook not have a CD drive? Did you harvest your Cd drive to install a 2nd hard drive to store your “not porn” folder? No sweat! Each copy of the show comes with a digital download card in the cd sleeve. On the back of the download...

Live Music salt lake city videos

Full 30 min Set Live at the State Room Salt Lake City, UT Zombie Prince The Show The Butcher Freak Show Flying Trapeze What have we been up to? We have been working on putting together a new album “the show” and playing various events all over Utah. With...

Video of the song “The Show” Live Music in Salt Lake City

FOLK HOGAN playing The Butcher Live from our live music in Salt Lake City Utah. We had a show with Hectic Hobo at the State Room with Hectic Hobo for the release of their album Our Medicine Will Do You In. Back in August we played an incredible show opening in support...

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