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Baby & Toddler 2023 Metal Tee – Tour Fundraiser


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Get ready for the Folk Hogan Europe Adventure with our super cool Fundraiser Tee made just for little rockstars like you! This tee is like, totally black metal awesome, with heavy metal letters and pictures that shout fun and excitement. It’s as strong as Folk Hogan’s music, perfect for all the crazy adventures ahead!

Wearing this tee isn’t just about looking awesome – it’s about being a super important part of Folk Hogan’s journey. Every tee you grab helps them go on their tour to places like the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. Imagine being part of the band’s big adventure – so cool, right?

So, if you’re ready to be a mini rockstar and support Folk Hogan’s super fun tour, grab your Fundraiser Tee now! Let’s make the music play and have a blast all across Europe!

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