“Whiskey-drenched Folkgrass” | FOLK HOGAN

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This is favorite tagline description of the band since my friends 5 year old called us “the Pirate Band”. Pirate band seems fitting, but lugging that giant land locked ship to each gig just seems like one more thing I’d prefer not to load on to the Dragon we fly to each show (see Band of Mighty Souls: Band of Mighty Souls).

There is a reason we love Austen Diamond, and it simply because he is always writing about us and fluffing up our Ego. When not boasting about FOLK HOGAN he is delivering some of Salt Lake’s best underground talent into the hands of thousands of unexpecting readers.

Due to his recent great writing I have found uncounted new releases from Utah bands. My ipod is in rotation of bands featured in his top local albums of 2012.

We owe this dude and “old fashioned”.

You can check out the article here:
I’m With The Band
Utah Bands Come In All Shapes & Sizes
By Austen Diamond