We’re Essential… right? | FOLK HOGAN

Here we are. March 30th. Twenty Twenty.

You may be asking yourself, “Now what? I’m stuck at home, I can’t talk to anyone, i’m out of snacks, but at least the earthquakes have mellowed out.” To be honest, we’re asking ourselves the same thing. Among the “we’ve been monitoring the situation closely,” and “stay safe during these difficult times,” emails going around, shits real weird. I’ve got some questions for you to add to your growing pile of anxiety, fear, and self isolation woes.. and perhaps we can help!

What would you like to see from your pals here at the Folk Hogan headquarters? Live streams? Tutorial videos so you can play along to our songs? Coupon codes to our online store? 6ft long hugs? Drugs? A pony? Let us know! We would love to hear from you. We are nothing without you all, and hearing from each and every one of you always brings a big ol’ boner/smile to our pants/faces. One of the most difficult things for me right now is that I can’t be around my pals in the band as everyone is in isolation, and most of us are high risk for having complication from the virus, so overall i give this a solid 10/10 for sucking.

Here are some ways you can stay in touch with us:

Email us (band members name)@folkhogan.com

Message us on Facebook & Instagram @folkhogan

Should you feel like supporting us right now, we just heavily stocked up on merch for the St Patrick’s season (which got cancelled) so check out the shop section of the website, and look at all the new stuff. We’ve got flasks that you can use to day drink with, apparel that you can buy 1-2 sizes too big so they fit your new isolation comfort lifestyle, or even a backpack to put your over-sized clothes and booze bottles in. Or perhaps if you’ve got a balance in Venmo that you really really hate looking at, you can transfer it to @folkhogan completely free of charge. Now i give that a solid 10/10 for germ free banking. #investmumps

We love you all, say hi to us virtually (for now), and thank you for your continued support!

Here is us admiring the year 2020 so far.