Thowback Thursday CD review from SLUG Mag | FOLK HOGAN

Folk Hogan
Band of Mighty Souls
Street: 05.03
Folk Hogan = The Pogues + Oingo Boingo’s Farewell
It’s too easy to say Folk Hogan sound like Flogging Molly—they deserve more than that. Pub-belting tunes about whiskey, women and mythical men, Folk Hogan should be blasted at volume 11 by every cabby-hatted booze enthusiast in Utah. I loved every minute of this album! Some may say they sound like DeVotchKa or Gogol Bordello, but I’d argue that Moses McKinley’s vocal style is akin to a Danny Elfman‘s operatic style of singing and story-centric songwriting. Folk Hogan is unafraid of slowing the music down to a power ballad’s trot without using the cliché, steady accelerando at the end (right, DeVotchKa?). Seriously, folks, if you’re into banjos and crowd-shouting, expect to add another album to the regular rotation [July 7, Farmer’s Market; July 14, 5 Monkeys; July 21, The Woodshed; July 30, Foursquare].

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