The Show

Well he’s nothing if not clever, and he’s kind to you at first, then in with the greed and in with the thirst, Until we’re back where we were. Family this freaks all alone in the world
It’s our hunger, not love,
that keeps his head above,
While like crooks caught at work, we slave through the dirt, to Find gold that he never Will share, if we all disappeared one by one he never would care.
You fool you simply don’t see, to leave him is to leave me, for some harlot who’s parlor tricks, have brought you to your feet
Has the flavor of life grown so sweet, have you forgot what it was not to eat, he saved and bathed you and Carried you in from the street.
All of life’s a stage so on with the show.
Do not feel alone, do not be afraid, for we all wander our own way. Is he our shepherd? Or our king? He’s brought a safety in his ring. He brought this beast to find it’s love and I will rise above.
He’s hateful, and spiteful, and jealous, I’d say, he’ll tear us to pieces, he’ll take us away, he saved me a babe from the street, he stepped off his throne just to
offer us a seat.
He leads us, miss treats us, and I’ll tell you once more. Just as soon see us dead then walk out the door, he’s as fair as a knife in the back, if we walk away it’s this life we will lack.
Well I hate to see you upset, but it seems, you all are so quick to forget, what it means, to be free.
That’s not what I see! Let him speak. Perhaps I may be a little unruly sometimes, but it’s to keep you safe not keep you mine. if the public knew what you are they would tear you apart, now thats science not art.
Though we may never know, life is a stage so on with the show.