The Ringmaster | FOLK HOGAN

The Ringmaster

Ladies and gentalmen, boys and girls of all ages,
I’m presenting a show that was built through the ages. 
Through all of the pain the fear and the screams. 
I’ve  collected this assortment of unusual things. 
I’ve stolen and bartered and captured and harbored,
All the rarest things this world has to offer. 
I’ve brought them all with me and put you in the scene,
So I can present them to you in my ring.

We’ve got the most amazing fantastical show to present to you,
With mutant reptiles that slither the floor,
So you say, “but I’ve seen a snake with two heads.” but that’s just a snack for our eagle with four.
 We have Siamese twins with a secret inside.  They had a third sister but ate her alive.
And there’s a man who will show you he floats in mid air, and you know there’s no strings because the trapeze are up there, every move death defying because theres no nets aloud, there so good at there job cuz there afraid of the ground.
Now may I present to you without much further delay, a man with a job that’s quite dangerous, (I’d say). 
He fears not a beast on land or the the sky, he’s Moses McKinley my number one guy.