The Illusionist | FOLK HOGAN

The Illusionist

Oh Come! Yes and see!

Its my show of Intrigue

Come see what your mind can’t perceive…

From the delicate and sweet

To all these dangerous feats

Reality means nothing to me…


Come! Catch a thrill!

It just might make you ill…

To watch as I saw her in three

You’ll flinch and you’ll moan

As you watch her explode…

And re-appear right next to me!


Bring them all in if you dare

Friends and all kiddies beware…

For the world that you see might just change who you’ll be

Trust in your mind and you’ll grow

We’ll fly and we’ll float, and when all has lost hope

I’ll show you the light that I know


The Concepts Divine

And I’ll show you in time…

There are realms far beyond you and me

When true love’s at it’s peak

All our worlds will be in sync

The boundaries that we’ve reached cease to be…

Though the theory seems quite weird

Just let go of all your fears

It lightens your heart and your soul

A quick brush with death and we’ll take a deep breath

Kiss goodbye to the life that you know…


So breathe it all in if you care…

So Deep that the Earth shakes and tears…

Well, it seems clear to me

You’ve let go of all your dreams

We’ll bring’em on back if we can…

Should the tides pull the moon

But the Sun! It falls to soon

It brings me and you on back home…