The Elephant Rider | FOLK HOGAN

The Elephant Rider

Well, tonight is the night, 
Just like every other night,
It’s the night when I rule the world. 
And I’m sure it’s a sight, (oh Lordy, what a sight)
To see your rulers a little girl.
Still I kick and I dance, 
And I holler out chants,
There’s dozens of beasts that are free.
With a chant and a look,
Your a glorified crook,
Lame elephant your no beast to me. 
Still I rule with a fierce variety,
So many options to offer the hands that we feed. 
That’s why I dance so easily,
Upon the elephants back. 

And I promise I never will hurt you,
as long as you never disagree. 
For your just a tool,
and the people that rule are like me. 
And your ignorance will always amuse me,
In the fact that you think that your free. 
So the earth is still flat,
like the elephants back,
Can’t you see. 
That’s why I dance so easily, 
upon the elephants back.