Said the Beast to the Bearded Lady | FOLK HOGAN

Said the Beast to the Bearded Lady

In the eye of the storm
You are keeping me warm
And I’m keepin the lions at bay
Oh, none can do harm
As I’m wrapped in your arms
I don’t care what people may say
If night comes too soon
We’ll just dance with the moon 
And sing until we’re back in the day
We’re cheered and we’re chased
For your beautiful face
How I love you

I remember the day
When I first saw your face
Shocked with the beauty I saw
Your porcelain skin
And your hair in the wind
Had all of the masses in awe
I approached your stand
And asked for your hand
Abruptly a beast with no claws
The crowd was aghast
They taunted and laughed
And recoiled
And my blood boiled

I won’t let them mock you my dear
Now I’m back on all fours inspiring fear
Snapping my jaws & slashing my claws
It all will be different from here
I’ll soak my teeth in blood
My lions take them down 
As I roar

(As I roar)
And we’ll live the life of beasts
Their cheers will never cease
When we step in the ring 
Hear the audience sing
We are royalty
(as I roar)

You kissed me on the lips
And handed me my whip

As I whip at their hides
With you at my side
The ringmaster sees we are at peace
Now has come the day
Our Happiness stays
The lamb has laid with the beast
When we’re called to the ring
Hear the audience sing
“which is the beast and the man”
I pull my whip back
And throw it to a crack
You say “I am what I am”

I won’t let them mock you my dear
I’ll go back on all fours as you cheer
As we ride on their backs
Our lions will attack
As the audience fleas in fear
We soak our teeth in blood

As we roar