No Means Jeff | FOLK HOGAN

No Means Jeff

I love you and your pretty face
what do you say we go back to my place
oh beautiful, what do you think
I could fix you another drink
oh darling, I want to take you home
I want to kiss your lips
and bury your bones

My friends they call me Jeffrey
They all live in my house
I try to bring a new one home whenever I go out
so you could call me Jeffrey
a plain and simple soul
I’ll take just what I need from you
and never be alone

cause i’m a normal man with a factory job
trying to keep clean and pray to my god
and I want to put you on a throne
I would give anything to make you moan

And if you feel a sense of unease
like I’m a wolf sharpening my teeth
don’t be afraid to love me
just close your eyes and breathe

My friends they call me Jeffrey
they say I have good taste
I want to make you part of me let nothing go to waste
So you can call me Jeffrey
You’re what I’m dreaming of

cause after all I’m just a man who is looking for love