Lion Tamer | FOLK HOGAN

Lion Tamer

Stay back you beast, and I know that you can hear me
After years of conditioning you have come to fear me
And you’re right to be afraid
If I let one of you slip up, then I become the prey

Stay back you fiend, if you think that you can fight me
There’s a jungle of beasts standing right behind me
And you’re right to fear away
We turned a healthy mugger to a feast last Saturday

It seems that all I ever do is feed the flames I force you through
You jump through fire just like me

Come close my friends, I swear that they are harmless
Keep your hands outside the bars, or you could end up armored
All it takes is one mistake,
and the next thing that you know we’ll be standing at your wake

Come close my pet, can’t you see that I’m one of you?
I am just a monster with a whip, who stands above you
And your right to be afraid
For I am just a beast who is allowed out of the cage

It seems that all you ever do is ask for pain
And when you do I crack my whip

Neither of us can be tamed
We can only be contained
When our eyes meet I see
The beast in you is the man in me

Good night my friends, my show it has concluded
Although you’ve heard my words, the meaning has eluded
And I know that you’ll be back
To see which if these beasts will finally attack

It seems that all you ever do is cry for pain
And I’m left wondering which of us is tamed.