I Choose Adventure | FOLK HOGAN

I Choose Adventure

Manly man once said “lets sail the seas”
weaker men they said “It’s not for me”
and manly man is legendary
I choose adventure

The giant once said “lets go to war”
the priors all said “Hell no, what for?”
The giant came back “just to save our whores”
I choose adventure


I can slay them when I play my PS4
Much better weapon would be Nintendo 64
No fire or stone could break that thing
And it even has a rope to swing
To slay a dragon a hero you may be

But imagine if you played the game
You spared his life and learned his name
Then maybe you could fly for free
The right choice isn’t always easy
but it is if you are legendary
I choose adventure

Gordo once said I’m gonna tip
If I don’t get my booty out on that ship
So he climbed aboard and sang this bit
I choose adventure

The smallest man to ever live
Was one foot five, looked like a kid
Cross his back, you’ll get the shiv
I choose adventure