Fire Breather | FOLK HOGAN

Fire Breather

I’m a lonely man, oh I travel the road
My hearts made of ice, and my veins are all cold
No woman or whiskey could keep me awake
I have only one escape

I’ve traveled so long from the north to the south
Whatever I eat turns to ash in my mouth
I never sleep, although I never tire

I breath fire
I lost all my control
When the fire consumed my soul

I once was a rich man, the talk of the town
My wife was the prettiest woman around
We were healthy and wealthy and hadn’t a care
But someone wasn’t willing to share

My wife had a lover, and when she said good-bye
He came to my house with hate in his eyes
And set it ablaze and locked me inside to die

It burned me alive, as I tasted sweet death
The flame stayed inside and came out as my breath
I climbed from the rubble and set out to find my revenge

With fire
So I followed them in to town
To burn their bodies down
I searched for them all around
Burning footsteps on the ground
As Hell burned inside
They entered a side show
I was convinced to let them go

Now I’m a lonely man oh I travel the road
Igniting the air within this freak-show
My skill is unmatched and my vengeance is ’bout To explode

I’ve traveled so long from east to the west
They call me a demon for what I do best
And when I am crossed
You’ll know I am not a liar

I breathe fire