Band of Mighty Souls | FOLK HOGAN

Band of Mighty Souls

Each of us was forged in the foundries of hell,
Like comets from heaven to this earth we fell,
We played our first song
The whole world sang along
They were under our control

One by one we came to the band
Like soldiers to death, like waves onto land
And with our first score the bellows did roar
For the first time we felt whole
It was right, all night
Cause we’re a band of mighty souls

Canyon’s squeeze-box will blow out your mind,
It’s better than any other you will find
We stole it from Thor
To settle a score
Our powers, they grew tenfold!

So Thor built his hammer and started to chase us
When he heard our music he never could face us
He came to the hall
And they bowed one and all
And our names they all will know

They will know
That we’re a band of mighty souls!

Crazy Larry was born 1943
Predestined to be a role model for me
A drunk and a stoner
Thit socialite loner
Was born with a mighty soul

He spent many a night with bombs in the sky
A pain in his heart, and a tear in his eye
He grabs the blowtorch
And guards the back porch
If any attack they will die!

Cause he’ll fight, all night
With our band of mighty souls

We looked to the heavens, I parted the sky
And down from above a dragon did fly
He picked up our band
Now he’s our new van
And he comes to all our shows

As we soar on his back we look down on man
They reach up to us and admire our band
Our name is in bold
And our lyrics are gold
We’re the band of mighty souls

In a band of mighty souls

We’ll build mountains of speakers and crowds will amass
We’ll crank up the volume and kick tons of ass
So buy us some beers
And we’ll blow out your ears
We’re a band of mighty souls

Mountains will crack to the stomping of feet
And buildings will fall to the sound of our beat
Armies will walk
And women will flock
To our band of mighty souls

We’re the band of mighty souls!