Band Of Mighty Souls Part II | FOLK HOGAN

Band Of Mighty Souls Part II

By the time we crossed the border
the sun had barely set
and our girlfriends were home sleeping
with the wives that we had left
When the engine blew
and had nothing left to give
between the beers and songs
what else is there to live?

hold on tightly
hold on to me
Oh, I’ve never needed time to breath

Each foe we encountered we slated with our rock
We met many creatures, but few who could talk
The path of destruction is far and its wide
with signs of construction to keep us alive
We tried to help build wherever we could
If you’re better at breaking, then stick with whats good
no gods to offend here, we can’t make them cry
we’re thousands of miles from their prying eyes
If they sat in our presence they’d die!

hold on tightly
hold on to me
oh I’ve never needed time

We shouldered the burden, the weight of the crowd
we learned quiets fine, but what’s better is loud
It’s damn hard to speak when you don’t have a voice
and damn hard to choose when you can’t see have a choice
we’ll bathe you in beer and drench you in sweat
give you a night you’ll never forget
It’s fine to venture out on your own
up here in the lights, we’re never alone
up here you’re never alone

hold on tightly
hold on to me
oh, I’ve never needed time

It’s all just a warning, acceptable to some
by the time it hits you, it’s already begun
the path to the horizon is a harrowing drive
we’ll drive on through the night
they’ll never take us alive!