The Search for the Best Folk Band is Finally Over | FOLK HOGAN



Alrighty folks, if you have been searching for the absolute best live Irish folk band in the west search no more, Folk Hogan is indeed the end of your search. A perfect balance of six instruments (Accordion, Mandolin, Bass, Banjo, Guitar, and Drums) makes Folk Hogan the most amazing folk band to come out of Utah. Every now and again you’ll hear a little punk rock to mix it up.  With 237 amazing live shows so far and performances every single week, and two albums ( The Show and Band of Mighty Souls), Folk Hogan will keep you entertained day or night, at home or in the car, and in live music venues, no matter how much whiskey you’ve had. ????

Moses Mckinley and Canyon Ellion have such harmonic voices you’ll never forget their unique sound. Nick Passey, Kameron Anton, and Jared Hayes can truly pluck those strings in a way that would give Jimmy Hendricks a run for his money.  And Curtis Stahl  keeping everyone in line with a steady beat.

Playing live concerts in Utah’s and Idaho’s best music venue’s and bars like the Funk”n Drive Bar, Diamonds Event Center, Piper Down, and many other locations up and down the Rocky Mountain with  more locations being booked weekly. Folk Hogan is the perfect balance of quality music from dedicated musicians and a big enough crowd to keep the show lively, yet small enough crowds to really connect with the music and the musicians themselves. Their folk songs are the missing tune in your heart. Fill your ears and your spring with live music from the best folk band around.

If you haven’t been convinced yet, give their songs a quick listen. Just know, you’ll get hooked and find yourself in a live performance before the month’s end. Below is the link to one of the best folk songs you’ll ever hear; Folk Hogan’s Firebreather from The Show album. Link below:

Head to Reverb Nation, one of the nations most trusted online platforms for the best musicians there are. They’ve featured Folk Hogan, so check out honest reviews from real listeners,  enjoy listening to all 27 songs for free, check out their 39 videos and get a glimpse of their live performances, and a live feed of their upcoming shows updated the moment they are booked. Link below:

For those who already love our music, thank you. We wouldn’t be here without you. Follow us online. We’re on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Better yet, follow us in person, have a drink, come to our live shows, and have a great time. Here’s the line up for this month:

  • This weekend Friday February 10th @ Steve’n’Seagulls Urban Lounge in Salt Lake City at 8pm.
  • Thursday February 16th @ Urban Lounge in Salt Lake City along with Fork Root
  • Friday February 17th @ Funk n Dive in Ogden
  • Friday February 24th @ Green Pig Pub for National Strawberry Day

For those of you in Colorado and Nevada, we’re coming for you!

Stay tuned and check back for March’s line up!

-Peter Coe