Is there any original music anymore? | FOLK HOGAN

What do you do when you feel a passion, a power, and a fire deep in your soul? You form a band that is unlike any other in the world. Folk Hogan is a band that makes completely unique, original music, it is a challenge to put us into a “genre” but the best way to describe it is we are a high energy Folk/Punk band. In a recent piece by Rolling Stone they listed the 40 most ground breaking albums of all time and the common theme throughout was that those albums were unique and original. Our music is wholly original from the lyrics, to the instruments, to the guys in the band themselves. There is the common criticism about pop music is that it is boring and generic. That’s why fun music like Folk Hogan is so important these days! We love making passionate music for our fans.

The best part of Folk Hogan is our high energy live music. The shows are fueled by whiskey and good times. That is the beauty of this band we are focused on making great music and putting on a great show and that kind of genuine care is something that needs to be protected. The guys in Folk Hogan have been making music in Utah, both collectively and by ourselves, for years but we are touring all over the place. Our shows are something that everyone should experience and so that as many people as possible can take part in the energy and whiskey. We are playing with Steve’n’Seagulls at the Urban Lounge on February 10th!

Still not convinced about this powerful music? Check out the official Folk Hogan YouTube channel. The video for Firebreather will blow you away with its sound and visuals. You can also see videos of us performing live songs from a performance at The Stateroom SLC. It is a chance to see how well they perform live and to get a very small taste of the greatness of the Band of Mighty Souls. We also have some clips from interviews so that people can see how much we love being in this band together.

See what we mean? Passion, energy, whiskey, and good times are a mighty combination. You should head to our shop and check out some of the sweet merch we have there. You can buy our two albums The Show and Band of Mighty Souls. We will love you forever while you do. It also has some sweet hoodies, tee shirts, tank tops and shot glasses! My favorite is anything that has the pooping unicorn on it because it’s a pooping unicorn! Who doesn’t love that? We really love and appreciate you guys for coming and taking a peak at what we got and learning a little bit more about this Band of Mighty Souls. If were in your area come and check us out, our tour schedule is here if were not shoot us a message and tell us where we need to be.
-Tanner Mott