New 2020 Merch | FOLK HOGAN

We want to present some new merch just in time for our run of Saint Patricks Day shows. We kick off the shows this weekend at Piper Down Pub in SLC, UT, you can get the details for that here. Following up with a very special show along side with the Salt Lake City Whalefishers at Icehaus. Catch us on Saint Patricks Day at Funk N Dive. The following day we are at The Depot with the Young Dubliners.

With this line of merch we are presenting some old favorites and some new soon-to-be-favorites. First off is the most essential companion to your Folk Hogan shenanigans a Flask.

Next is a windbreaker coaches jacket that will look good on the sidelines of any beerball match. We wanted to mix it up and do something from our regular hoodies. At $65 it’s a hell of a deal. We noticed some of friends buying a very similar jacket for $90 off of another bands website and thought we could do a little better.

When it comes to “old favorites” a tri-blend baseball tee aka Raglan is a classic and a staple in our booth. The new design is looking awesome on the this dark heather shirt. The darker colors help hide spilled beers and whiskey while still being comfortable for the unpredictable March weather.

Not unlike the Misfits, we like skulls, and we want all your skulls. But if the new skull design isn’t your thing or it is but you’re looking for something in a different style we are dropping a 2nd design of shirt. The art features a Whiskey Bottle riding a Bicycle. It comes in a Ladies and Mens cut.

The next item up is a new version of the MOST REQUESTED item Folk Hogan Panties. We’ve gone through a bunch of testing to get the right blanks on these. There we some that were hard to print but comfortable, Some that were comfortable but hard to print, and eventually we found these. A Bella + Canvas – Women’s Cotton Spandex Boyfriend Brief. Don’t be fooled by the name, you don’t have to steal them from a boy, you just get to buy them at the booth for a triad of five dollar bills.

Last yet not least are the online only specials. A Folk Hogan Backpack and some Folk Hogan Leggings. Wait, but where can we buy this online only merch items? Will they be at the shows? Can I just show up to your house unannounced? How do I get them? Well youre in luck. You can get them 24/7 off of the world wide web. Just click on the products below!

Well thats it! Thats the whole run – there aren’t going to be any surprise items at the shows – or are there? You’ll just have to wait and see I guess. So come catch us at a show!

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