Recap of our show at the Depot + free live recording | FOLK HOGAN

On the Second of March I got a last minute call asking if we could show up and play an event that evening. The event had already started and they were in need of a band due to some unforeseen circumstances to play the last time slot of the night.

Folk Hogan agreed to do the show and one by arrived to our practice space with just enough time to load up and make it to the gig. Many talents and organizations had all gathered at the depot to support a number of causes for the event “will play for food”.

We were immediately greeted by Travis and Amy that were running the event. A team of sharply dressed volunteer ninjas unloaded the van for us. Down a 50 foot maze and into the oversized service elevator we made our way up to the side-stage.

Travis helped Orient a sleep deprived and slightly hungover band manager to the basement greenroom where the strong hold of Vegan food was being safely kept. Tibetan food from Cafe Shambala and pizza laid wait for the hungry bandmates. Merch was unloaded, gear was placed, instruments were tuned and even few beers drank. Later an instant new best friend, Tad, was made.

We were able to catch a few bands and talked to dozens and dozens of people. Quickly I dispersed stage sound requirements to the warm spirited head sound engineer Curtis. He relayed instructions to his team that we had been added at the last minute and the other band would no longer be on the bill. They worked quickly and professionally with the hand they were drawn to sustain the level of quality Audio/Visuals the Depot is known for.

We took stage doing a brief line check and were announced to be the final band of the evening. Amy graciously announced us and with the roar of the bellows began our set. We had a blast finishing out the night. Everyone went home tired but happy knowing the concert was for the greater good of the community.

The End.

Also, here is a live, unedited, mistakes and mess-ups in place, recording of the performance from that evening:

– Nick Passey