June is here! | FOLK HOGAN

June is here, its upon us, run for your lives!

How is FOLK HOGAN going to survive so many shows in June?

Well, let me tell you exactly:boxer briefs 2 sizes too small. It the extra squeeze of support that we need to help us get though so many shows.

Also more importantly, we have YOU! You are going to be there to help ring in our celebrations of having a brand new album “Band of Mighty Souls” under our belts.

With these two items under our belts it is sure to be a great month!

Jun 1: ABG’s – Provo, Utah
Jun 3: Utah Pride Festival – Salt Lake City, UT
Jun 3: Pride Festival Parade – Salt Lake City, UT
Jun 9: Deer Hunter Pub – Spanish Fork, Utah
Jun 9: Ogden Arts Festival – Ogden, UT
Jun 16: Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort – , Utah
Jun 23: The Green Pig Pub – Salt Lake City, UT

See you at the shows!