Running a band in 2019 is a wild ordeal. It’s a lot of long hours a lot of work. Between Rehearsals, Gigs, Booking Tours, and Selling Merch we are involved in a lot of ongoing projects at any point. I often get into conversations with our super fans where they are asking what the best way to support us – or any local band is.

Buy our stuff!

It’s the biggest thing you can to support. Hands down. The answer is simple. There are still a lot of ways you can support us digitally for free. Follow us on Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Sign Up for the Email List – but I’m here mostly to talk about other ways to help us or any local band out in the best way possible.

Buy Stuff Directly from the artist/close to the source

Cash or Venmo at the merch table (reduces processing fees, not all bands take cards)
Or if they have an online store snag something online ours is here:
The closer you can get to the source the more value the artist get from your hard-earned support and financial backing.

Attend a show and bring a friend

If the bands are opening for a bigger band they may be slinging tickets on social media. Small bands often get invited to play with mid-level bands as tour support. This is so the show will bring more fans. If the artist is selling tickets and they do well they will be remembered by promoters for other gigs. I’ve seen people create their events on facebook and invite all their friends to one of our shows. We know it’s going to a big impact on show attendance when that happens.

Buy stuff for your friends for the holidays/birthdays/etc.!

Let’s face it if you listen to independent bands and go to shows you are probably already the coolest person in your family. I grew up stealing my older brother’s CDs when he was at work and that’s how I got into the Punk, Indie, and Ska bands some of which I still listen to today.

Learn the songs and sing along

There is nothing quite like when people are shouting along with the words to a band in a packed room. It’s the height of any musician’s time playing. Our dream is to perform our original songs all over the world for people that like them. So don’t be the lame douche requesting Freebird or some crusty old cover song, instead, learn the words and request something, especially something new.

Offer to help the band

We have a lot of help behind the scenes. We’ve shot music videos on an entire volunteer basis, We have a friend helping us book a tour in Scandinavia right now, and in other amazing ways. You can help out your friend’s band in a ton of ways and you’ll probably end up having fun doing it. You may find yourself running merch, moving gear, hosting a touring band, or watching a pug while they are on tour if you are not careful!

Do the social media thing

Fake internet points for all! Like and follow but also comment and share when you can. Even better if a Band has an email list join it. Email makes it to more people than a social post does with the algorithms at play.

Write something positive

If you’re a good writer consider writing something for a band. A show review or and article of some kind. Review them where comments are allowed on the internet. This one is not always the most obvious but it has a big impact.