FOLK OFF! Art Competition. | FOLK HOGAN

Hear Ye, hear ye,


I make the rules up as I go along, please don’t take it to seriously, all of the artist are recognized and will be used for current and future projects is possible.

We are doing an art competition for any interested in submitting. With many projects in mind we are currently working on T-Shirts, Posters, Web, Stickers, Stencils, and the list goes on, but don’t let my short list be your limitation we replicate and print in all mediums.

FOLK ART CRITERIA/Suggested Guidelines

•FOLK HOGAN must always be in all caps
•must be submitted by 5/1/2011
•complexity is not better, the more simple the more likely it is to be on something like a shirt.
•winners get free merch (perhaps a shirt, or something)
•size requirements, Vector good, not vector less good.
•if your heart is set on tshirts, our first run of shirts will be one color print.
•we totally are gods

We have songs about zombies, boot leggers, our creationism (thor and dragons), skeletons, etc.

SUBMIT ART TO NICK@FOLKHOGAN.COM I will set up a Facebook gallery on 5/2/2011

This will be our voting system on FaceySpace, and like a real election. You may rep your art on your own page and rig the election in anyway you see fit. You may tour around the country in a bus with your art on it if you see fit and I would like to recommend sponsorship from evil corporations that will later taint your future art submissions.

Anyone may “like” multiple submissions, and voting will close on 5/4/2011.

You may submit multiple items. At which point the band may basically ignore all of the voting and pick what ever the hell we want.

So please folk off,


We are honestly starting to get burnt out on hulk hogan items, so I’ll just leave this here to de-inspire you.