Find Our Merch At Guitar Czar | FOLK HOGAN

Have you ever been out and about shopping during a pandemic and thought, “Boy, I sure could use some fine Folk Hogan merchandise right about now.”

Did you recently lose your favorite Folk Hogan shirt?

Is holding a cold beer can becoming absolutely unbearable?


Our pals at Guitar Czar have set up a cool little area at the front of their store to house some local band merch, and we’ve got stuff for sale there. If you happen to find yourself in that area, snag some stuff from our MMB (Mobile Merch Booth) and be an amazing human because of it!

Things we brought down there:
T Shirts


All 3 CD’s




Fanny Packs, Koozies, and more! Think of the savings!

Guitar Czar is located on 5979 South State Street in Murray. You can also see the merch on their website

Snag yourself a new guitar, and a Folk Hogan shirt to go with it.

Did you know that a $1200 stimulus check could buy:

60 Folk Hogan T-Shirts

1200 Folk Hogan Stickers

120 Folk Hogan Patches

930 Value Tacos on Taco Tuesday at Del Taco

150 Burritos from Alberto’s

1 Gretsch Electromatic and & 37.5 Folk Hogan T-Shirts

Please get in touch with us if you would like to donate 930 tacos directly into our faces. Thanks!