What a wild trip it has been so far this year! What started with high hopes as the year of Barbara Walters has turned into the politically-charged neighbor-judging airborne-plague of the apocalypse. To make things even more surreal, today started with Mother Earth shaking the homes and nerves all across the Salt Lake valley. I hear it was a 5.7, but I give it a 10 for timing. The air in our little Utah bubble feels sharp and uneasy… but at least I still have some toilet paper.

I have pounded the better part of three records into my brain and body this year to fill the void of Jared leaving so no shows had to be cancelled. We have practiced, practiced, and practiced. By the time the bagpipe flavored beer season approached, it all started to quarantine and cancel at an exponential rate. Luckily we were able to squeeze in the first two shows before the ban of 100+ gatherings took hold. The few people that braved their way to the gigs were in great spirits and looked beautifully positive. Piper Down and Ice Haus we’re both amazing shows, and it made every sweaty effort worth it. Thank you all that made it.

Folk Hogan has a JAM-PACKED calendar of shows and tours that has been tossed into the air right now. They are bound to land at some point soon, but when and where is still an unknown. Currently everything is at a standstill until at least May 11 (the projected re-open date), and I’m sure it will be a battle to reschedule some of those dates since all the bands and venues are currently stuck at home. Long live rock and roll!

Even still there is no way to bring down the pure joy that I feel playing music with my buds. I’m excited for all the riffs, hugs, beers, and Del Taco I have coming my way because of this Folk Hogan family (including y’all). I’m hash-tag honored to be a part of it.

2020 can step on our toes, but it can stop us. I hope we have something cool to show once we’re allowed to come out of our caves.