Read about us in City Weekly | FOLK HOGAN

They have buzzed about the new album, put us in their very notable 12 for 12 and recently reviewed our concert down at ABG’s. Here are few blurbs from the articles I particularly liked.

Concert Review: John-Ross Boyce & His Troubles, Folk Hogan

“The band plays with an intensity that is almost exhausting to watch. Elliott rocked out on his accordion while tossing his shoulder-length blond hair about in a way that would put punk rockers to shame. ”
– Kelly Cannon, City Weekly (Jun 08, 2012)


12 For ’12: Folk Hogan

“How long does it take for whiskey to boil in hell? Only Folk Hogan knows. ”
– Austen Diamond , City Weekly (May 18, 2012)


Local Releases: Albums Galore From GoGo To Velour

“…folk music players have earned one hell of a reputation as a packed-room band. Granted, the shows aren’t getting that out of control, but they’ve definitely become a band to see live, with singalong numbers and a show filled with an energy that many thrashing metal bands can’t even match. ”

– Gavin Sheehan , City Weekly (May 17, 2012)