Bulleit bourbon blues | FOLK HOGAN

Bulleit bourbon blues

Baby don’t you worry
I’ve done nothing wrong
I’ve been staying out playing cards & singing songs
Yeah I’ve been drinking out with the band again
But I’m coming home, gonna be your man

I stagger through the streets
Dodge the passing cars
In love with you, in love with the stars
I bought you flowers, and I’m at your door
Only to find you ain’t living here no more

Now baby, you know I love you
And I only want what’s best
I am a jealous guy, I confess
That if you’re leaving, well then I guess you’re gone
But I’m gonna find you, bring you home

There’s a light in your eyes
There’s a pistol in my pocket, a snub nose .45
I got a bulleit baby, just for you
In a bottle that says 90 proof

I got those bourbon blues.