A look back at 2019 | FOLK HOGAN

HEY FOLKers! Moses here.

As 2019 comes to a close we wanted to look back at the crazy awsome year we had. Here is a brief overview of the highlights!

January 22nd Urban Lounge with Amigo The Devil, Harley Poe
This show was sold out, and for good reason. Harley Poe came on in full force and blew the doors off. To the surprise of no one, Amigo The Devil obliterated what was left. The whole night was absolutely phenomenal. We felt lucky getting to hang out and rub shoulders with some musicians that influence us. We had lots of great talks with Danny about banjos, guitars, music, and murder.

February 22nd Funk n Dive CO-OP fundraiser with Baby Gurl, and Earthworm

Funk n Dive has rapidly become one of our favorite places to play. We have had nights there that felt like old shows at The Woodshed (R.I.P.). This night we were helping to raise funds for The CO-OP, an all ages venue that was just beginning to take shape in Ogden. A great cause, with some great music. This show was PACKED. The intensity was at a fever pitch, and it felt like at any moment the whole venue could erupt. Those are the best kinds of shows.

March 6th- Behind The Zion Curtain Cabaret show

OK. If you missed this, shame on you! We teamed up with BTZC and had the amazing experience of playing our songs on stage while talented performers exhibited fantastical displays. From start to finish, this show was incredible. The performers picked songs of ours and choreographed spectacles that had everyone enthralled. They hold a monthly show, so be sure to check them out as each month has a different theme, and is always inspiring. This is also the first show where you could get the long awaited FOLK HOGAN panties! (available here https://www.folkhogan.com/product/adventure-panties/)

MARCH 8th Commonwealth with The Young Dubliners

Another chance to share the stage with musicians we love and respect. It was our fist time playing The Commonwealth, and it was a pleasant surprise. The sound is fantastic, the stage is comfortable and large, and the green room had enough room for us to polish off a bottle of Jim Beam before the show. The Young Dubliners took the stage and did what they do best: Putting on a hell of a show. It was the second opportunity we had to perform with them, and the experience was as good as it gets.

MARCH 17th, St. Patricks Day with Swagger

Salt Lake has a lot of great places to be for St. Patricks day, but the best place is usually where ever Swagger is playing. Another new venue in town, Soundwell provided a great place to drink, dance, sing, and make friends.

MARCH 30th Urban Lounge with Metalachi

There aren’t enough words to describe how awesome a Metalahi show is. We have had the great honor of opening for them meny times, and the show never disappoints. Blasting out so many songs you can’t help but sing along with, with such gusto, in a style that is unique and good; makes it no surprise that their shows usually sell out.

APRIL 19th & 20th Manchester, NH & Haverhill, MA

Our fist plane ride as a band was eventful enough. Drank them out of whiskey and beer. Amateurs! We arrived in Boston and spent the day hanging out and drinking beers. In Manchester we had the pleasure of sharing the stage with none other than Paul Jarvis (of Scissorfight), and our new friend Scrimmy The Dirtbag at the Shaskeen Pub; a cozy but extremely cool place. Paul Jarvis played mostly originals and one Neil Young cover using only bass and vocals to steal everyones attention. Then Scrimmy took the stage and absolutely blew the roof off. We loved his music, his performance, and him as a person. Be sure to look him up, as we highly recommend it!

The following night we played at The Copperhead saloon in Haverhill, MA for Found Piece CD release. A fine bunch of fellows who aren’t just good musicians, but are also very giving friends. How giving? They gave away branded condoms. So badass.Curtis won our “tattoo game” that we play on tour, and got a quarter tattoo on his calf for his nickname “Quarters”.

JUNE 1st Robs Birthday show

We celebrated the birthday of our #1 fan at Bar Named Sue on state. He showed up in a beautiful red three-piece suit that had all the ladies in the house (and a few of the band members) jealous of his wife, Heather.

JUNE 10th Metro Music Hall with Nordic Daughter

Nordic Daughter is one of those bands that is good AND original. Their drummer had a family emergency, so their bass player had to play drums to songs he had never played drums to in his life, AND HE NAILED IT. In fact, had we not known that was the case, we wouldn’t have thought anything was different from their average show. They are wonderful people who are talented, kind, and now they are friends! We will be playing with them again in April of 2020 in Colorado.

AUGUST 31 BEHOLD Album Release

Urban Lounge was sold out. Uinta made a Bourbon Baba Black Lager. Mantis Jackson didn’t just warm up the stage, they set it on fire. We were overwhelmed by the support and love we received from our friends and family who came out to hear the new album, dance, drink, and support us by buying merch. you all made it such a night to remember. Album available here.


After about sixteen hours of travel we landed in Amsterdam, and true to form, we went straight to a bar and had a whiskey. We met our booking agent/driver/favorite guy Jordy Duitscher. I’m not going to go into too much detail, as it will be getting its own recap soon with lots of photos. Suffice it to say, we didn’t want to leave. The people were all kind and accommodating, the countries and cities we beautiful, and most importantly: the bitterballen was DELICIOUS. Canyon won the first European Tattoo Game and got this sick Master Switch symbol. It is the symbol on an accordion that tells you what reeds you are using.

NOVEMBER 2nd Kilby Court- Drew Danbury album release with Mother Lights

One of the last shows of the year, and we were lucky enough to close the year the way we opened it: Playing with someone we are influenced by. Shows at Kilby, and most any all ages venue, are intimate and really special. Mother lights brought their A game and filled the room with a great sound. Drew Danbury played his heart out, and had us all in the palm of his hand with his beautiful songs, and his wonderful voice. It was magnificent.

So thats a brief overview of the big stuff in 2019. All in all it was our best year yet, but we are hoping to make the next ones pale in comparison. 2020 is going to be just as crazy, and busy, and amazing. We have new music, music videos, and shows in new places planned. We will be returning to Europe, and visiting Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Colorado and hopefully more. Want to see us somewhere? TELL US! Send an email to playashowhere@folkhogan.com and we will try to make it happen.

Lastly, we accomplish all of this with your help. Visit the merch store and buy something, it literally makes more music possible.