The Reprise | FOLK HOGAN

The Reprise

So I’ll give you my hand, I hope you’ll understand.
How could I have not seen this coming.
I know what you’re going to read and I’m sorry.
I won’t believe.
I’ve tried everything, you’re only blind because you love me.
There must be something else.
There’s no other way to keep him at bay, he’ll never let you be
I don’t want to live without you.

Yes I’ll take your hand, we’ll face this thing together.
No! I won’t let you burn.
My life’s still a choice and I choose to stand by your side.
This death’s not your turn.
How can I live on knowing that I did nothing.
I won’t let you die. You must!
I don’t want to survive, if I can’t stand by your side.
I don’t understand.
Take my hand we’ll face this thing together.
Tonight’s the night just like every other night the night when I rule the world.
After everything I’ve done you putrid and petulant scum,
I saved you and gave you everything and I’ll take it away.
I breathe fire.
Come my beasts let us take a side, though I know we won’t all survive.