St. Patricks day 2020 shows | FOLK HOGAN

Grab your flasks, call a taxi, bring your dancing shoes and your drinking liver! It is that time of year again when we get to all wear green, and drink to forget all of the things that happen the rest of the year. And besides, our new merch might sell out during this run of shows; then you will have to sell a kidney to afford one on the black market.

You can catch us in four different places throughout the days proceeding, on, and following St. Patricks day. Here is a list of the great places you can find us to have a bite to eat, a good drink, and sing-a-long:

Friday, March 13th at Piper Down
1492 South State Street
There are few places as appropriate to kick off the St. Patricks Day season. Starting at 9:00 PM, we plan to get your weekend started right, and get that memory fading early. Piper Down not only has great drinks, but a fantastic food menu. Our shows at Piper tend to be intimate, high energy, and guaranteed to put a smile of your face.

Grabbing extra beers for the after party

Saturday, March 14th at Ice Haus w/Salt Lake Whalefishers
7 East 4800 South
Ice Haus is one hell of a bar. Their food menu alone adds a few extra pounds to your weight, but you’ll be doubly happy as it soaks up the beer! We are excited to be playing with our old pals, The Salt Lake Whalefishers. We haven’t played with them in far too long, and we are eager to share the stage with them again. For those who live in the south end of the valley, this is a nice centrally located bar, so the cost of your Lyft ride wont be astronomical!

Tuesday, March 17th St. Patricks Day at Funk N’ Dive
2550 Washington Blvd. Ogden
Over the years, we have played a lot of venues. Long time fans will remember seeing us at our home base: The Woodshed. Few places have felt like home the way it did; but Funk N Dive is rapidly becoming that type of home. The shows there are a perfect mix between intimate concert, raucous punk show, and neighborhood bar. Join us for our favorite night, in our current favorite venue if you really want to do it right.

Sitting because we are to drunk to stand, probably

Wednesday, March 18th at The Depot
13 North 400 West
Come on. Do I really need to explain why you need to be at this show? The Depot is the premier place in Salt Lake City to see a concert, and seeing a band like The Young Dubliners there makes the experience one you wont forget no matter how much you drink. We have shared the stage with them many times, and they only ever get better and better.There is no better band to be seeing this time of year, and we can’t wait! It one of the best bands on one of the best stages in town. If you miss this, you might as well drink enough to forget it happened without you or youll never forgive yourself. For tickets visit The Depot